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Granny Za’s offers the best online weed dispensary.

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Founded on the fact that cannabis is crucial for human health, Granny Za’s Weed Marijuana Dispensary offers the best online weed dispensary. With active Storefront locations in both New York and Washington D.C., we endeavor to bring better cannabis to market than what your granny ever had. What is more, we promise you the very finest. Granny Za’s is no average weed store. We lead industry, introduce trends and have hordes of happy customers.

Granny Za’s is a lifestyle. An experience all its own. We furnish locals and tourists with weed in every flavor, potency, and form. There are buds and pre-rolls, oils, tinctures, and other extracts, edibles, topicals, even feminine hygiene products. Our customers are our very lifeblood. We strive for their utmost satisfaction. Our staff is all knowledgeable and available to help you.

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Industry Leaders Granny Za's

Granny Za’s is leading the cannabis industry in all of its locations. Both Washington D.C. and New York benefit from our weed stores and we are first to introduce new trends to these areas.

Customer Focused Granny Za's

We focus solely on satisfying you, our customers. Not only do we comply with all quality and safety laws, we also hire the most knowledgeable and helpful staff. With us, you are never alone.

Most Resourceful Granny Za's

Our menu caters to every need and taste. We are extremely resourceful, able to source even the rarest strains for those wanting them. If we do not have it, ask. We might just, or we can order it for you.

Proven Trustworthy Granny Za's

We let our clients speak for themselves. Client testimonials, reviews, and word-of-mouth referrals prove us reliable, credible and trustworthy. We hold ourselves accountable for your complete satisfaction.

Dee Vegan Gluten Free Gummies 100mg

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Each bag of Dee Gummies contain ten 10mg Vegan and gluten free gummies

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Why Granny Za's Weed Marijuana Dispensary?


Your granny never tasted ganja this good. Today’s cannabis is notably more potent. It is also of much higher quality. From cultivation to manufacture, distribution, and even final sale, technology allows us to guarantee quality across the supply chain. Our online cannabis store stocks only the very best. There is no need any more to sift dirty weed full of seeds the way your granny did.


We offer a large menu. It includes the full range of cannabis products, from buds to vapes, tinctures, edibles, oils, and other extracts. There are Indicas, Sativas and hybrids galore. You can choose by flavor, potency, time of onset, length of buzz, and even type of effect. Our menu even includes accessories to heighten your overall experience. We have bongs, pipes, dabbing rigs, grinders, trays, and more.


Granny Za’s is legal and fully compliant with all laws governing cannabis in both New York & Washington, D.C. We break none getting ganja to you. Our operating license is pricey & hard won. Losing it due to non-compliance or customer disrespect would crush us. We strive rather to keep it. This makes us accountable for our products, services, & actions.


Your safety is our primary concern. This is why we only sell cannabis products that pass independent testing for both quality and safety. All have labels clearly showing results of these tests, which include potency, cannabinoids present, in what quantities, toxicology, and even terpenes, in some cases. All products come secure in safety-compliant packaging. All include child lock and other safety measures.