The new year is here. 2023 looks set to be a weed-filled one, by all accounts. Weed dispensaries in Washington D.C. have never been busier, and more and more people are sharing it with friends and loved ones. As cannabis becomes socially normal, it is important to mind your manners. There are taboos when sharing joints. To make it fun for everyone, there are some rules for all to follow: 

When sharing with others, it is important to share. Everyone needs a turn, and not you alone. This is how ‘puff, puff, pass’ came along, a popular saying that means pass the joint on. Hogging is a big no-no. Perhaps the biggest. Have a puff, maybe two, and pass the joint along. To your left, preferably. 

Torching the bowl is criminal when sharing. Nobody wants burnt weed. As the U.S. National Library of Medicine explains, it damages trichomes beyond repair. It destroys the potency, flavor, and experience for those unfortunate enough to be sharing with a weed torcher. 

While nobody judges a friend who shows up budless, it can get tiresome fast if you never have bud. If others share their weed with you, you must share yours with them. If you have no bud, bring some next time. Offer to pay, bring food. Contribute wherever you can. 

Nobody enjoys sharing germs. This was true before COVID-19 but is even more important since. If you are sick, do not share. Stay home rather, but if you must mingle, then smoke your own. Those sneezing and coughing should probably rest their lungs awhile anyway. Try edibles instead. 

The tastiest hit is always the first one. Always. For this reason, you should offer it around. Give others the lighter and let them light up too. This is an honor. Rotate it so that everyone gets a turn. Highly sought after, first hit hogging is a big social no-no. Do not be the one to hog it. 

You do not want to set your house alight. Or your friend’s. Or your friends. When smoking, mind the cherry. Watch for sparks jumping out. They burn holes into furniture and clothes. They start fires. If a cherry burns astray, fix it quick. Then, pass it on intact to the next person. On your left, preferably. 

No beat bowls. Always pass lit bowls on, never dead ones. Never finished ones. This rule applies to all things weed, from joints to bongs, pipes, and more. Make sure the person you give it to gets it well lit. If a bowl is finished, or a bong, for example, then repack it. Fresh is better than resiny ash. 

You should never play favorites when sharing weed with others. Always pass it on, and always to your lefthand side. This prevents favoritism, intentional or not, and ensures everybody gets an equal turn. It does not have to go leftward, but if you are ever in doubt, pass to the left. 

Do not be a lighter thief. Ever. Whether intentional or not, always return stolen lighters before going home. Everybody remembers the lighter thief, and often not happily. If you need your lighter and no longer have it, irritation climbs sky high. Nobody wants to buy lighters for others to steal. 

If you are a slobberer, roll your own joints. Learn not to slobber. Try not to drown joints in spittle and people will appreciate the effort. A wet joint just tastes bad, smokes bad, and feels bad, so keep it dry and all will be well. Slobberers quickly find themselves excluded from the circle. 

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