Using Cannabis to Treat Anorexia Naturally

Hunger is no stranger in the cannabis community. Everybody knows it well. Every cannabis enthusiast knows what hunger is, as this, called “munchies,” is a common side effect of use. Weed triggers appetite. Fact. People empty their fridges after weed delivery in Washington D.C. Empty their cupboards. The “munchies” describes insatiable hunger. It makes you […]

How Do Cannabis Plants Make THC?

graphic with cannabis plant and text that says "How Cannabis Plants Make THC"

Scientists are discovering much about cannabis. They are studying its cannabinoids, most especially tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC. Science is interested in how and why it makes you buzz, as well as what exactly makes it so valuable medicinally. THC is highly beneficial. It offers therapeutic effects in abundance to help treat many health issues. It also […]

Must-Have Weed Manners in 2023

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The new year is here. 2023 looks set to be a weed-filled one, by all accounts. Weed dispensaries in Washington D.C. have never been busier, and more and more people are sharing it with friends and loved ones. As cannabis becomes socially normal, it is important to mind your manners. There are taboos when sharing […]