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Granny Za weed dispensary

Finding a dispensary in New York

With the ever-changing global economy, new ways of thinking are required to allow us to move on to a better and more inclusive lifestyle. One of the positive aspects brought about by this cultural phenomenon is the fight for the legalization of marijuana.

Now more than ever, more and more dispensaries are found in local neighborhoods and communities. Finding the right dispensary near you need not be tricky. Granny Za is a weed dispensary in New York with a welcoming atmosphere that boasts carefully curated edibles, pre-roll cartridges, concentrates, apparel, CBD, and others under the guidance of their knowledgeable staff.

Whatever your weed needs are, this dispensary in New York can offer you tailor-made solutions.

New York weed

Known for its art, New York City culture is vibrant and dynamic. One of the best ways to enjoy New York culture is through art. Granny Za sells digital art through their “Art of the month club”. With every purchase of art from the Art of the month club, they offer you a gift from their cannabis selection to satisfy your weed taste. Be it art, or weed for recreation purposes, or weed for health purposes, Granny Za is a formidable ally in your quest to a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Cannabis for a healthy lifestyle

Over the years, as a society, we have started to research and accept the health benefits offered by cannabis. Cannabis contains cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Depending on how you use it, cannabis as a whole can contribute greatly to the overall well-being of your body.


CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It helps reduce stress and anxiety and users have reported better sleep and an increase in overall mental health. It is also known as an invaluable tool in managing certain medical conditions. Some people undergoing chemotherapy use cannabis to reduce nausea and stimulate their appetite under the guidance of healthcare professionals.

THC on the other hand is a psychoactive compound found in cannabis. It is responsible for the euphoria or “high” you experience when using cannabis. The level of THC in cannabis varies from strain to strain, and produces different effects depending on how much of it is in the strain you’re using.

Since both cannabinoids interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, being well-informed about cannabis can lead to better use for optimal enjoyment. When using cannabis for health purposes, it is advisable to seek advice from a medical professional to ensure it interacts well with the medication you’re using.

Products available

As specific product availability is influenced by state regulations, Granny Za has a wide selection of weed products available. Their online and walk-in stores boast a wide variety of products and  experts to guide you along your path of finding the right product for you. Here are some of their available products and consumption methods:


The versatility of the weed flower also known as “bud” is limitless. It can be smoked, vaporized, made into edibles, tinctures or even topicals.


To satisfy your snack cravings, various edible weed snacks are available at Granny Za. Sweet, savory, chocolatey and even liquid forms of edibles cater to your different taste buds.


The convenience of having a pre-rolled blunt is unmatched. Rolled with the finest paper, the finest cannabis comes ready made. All you have to do is light it up and enjoy.


With their compact design, pre-filled cartridges eliminate the need to grind, clean and roll. Vaping also offers a discreet option to users that is easy to use and has precise dosing for users to control their experience.


Cannabis concentrate is a highly potent THC mass that looks like butter or honey. It can be heated up and inhaled for users to experience its full potential.


Various fashion totes, t-shirts, hoodies, sweat pants and shorts are all available at Granny Za.


Embrace the vibrant cannabis culture in New York where art and lifestyle go hand in hand on the road to a well balanced lifestyle. Let your eyes take in a feast of the arts and your tastebuds get tickled with various edibles on this creative journey to a good life. Contact Granny Za where quality meets community and enjoy the best weed in New York City.

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