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Best Cannabis Gift Ideas This Christmas

Christmas is a giving time. For weed lovers, it means stocking up on everything cannabis. Replacing broken items, gifting bud, sharing experiences. For many, it is these memories worth creating. Some go on weed adventures, like fun road trips, new hiking trails, wild camping. Others stay with family, with friends, have a quieter holiday season. Regardless, everything is better with weed. Always.

You will find all you need at the best online weed dispensary in New York. If you need bud, we have it. If you need equipment to use said bud, we also have that. If you have special plans and need the right bud for it, well, we can help there too. Whatever your cannabis needs, this is the go-to store for it. We even have Christmas gift ideas, and we are happy to package it up for delivery to you:

1. Grinders

Every weed lover needs a grinder. Of course, you can leave your friends to scissor up bud, crush it in ever-sticky fingers the old way, but a grinder will really make life easier for all. One needs the right grinder, naturally. Some are very small, for a quick one-hitter. Others are bigger, more suited to a bigger job. Some have sieves, catch kief, others are much simpler. Choice is quite abundant here.

2. Bongs

Bongs make friends. These devices pull smoke through water, taking the burn out and, according to Wikipedia, keeping heavy particles and water-soluble compounds from your lungs. Sharing a bong is an intimate act. It builds trust between friends. There are single-hit bongs, then there are bigger ones. Some are lavish, some are more basic. There are different colors, different shapes too.

3. Sativas

Most hybrid strains come nicely balanced. Some lean toward Indica, others toward Sativa. Indica strains are more widespread, more common. However, pure Sativas offer magic, ideal for holiday adventuring. These strains are typically energetic. They help to motivate, to inspire, to create. Ideal for active activities or a much-needed hangover boost, they make a perfect gift for near everyone.

4. Bouquets

Bouquets are good any time of year, but at Christmas, they can be extra special made from bud. You can craft your own bouquet from homegrown or store-bought flower, but the bigger the heads, the better. Some stores might even make up a bouquet for you, if requested. You can choose a specific strain or include a variety for every mood, any time, and all occasions.

5. Potent Extracts

If potency is what your friend loves, then Granny Za knows best. Some extracts are more potent than others are. Kief, hash, shatter, wax; these are some examples of the most potent cannabis products. Extracting and concentrating cannabinoids will certainly increase their strength, but how you use it matters too. You can add to joints or inhale vapor directly. Consider a dabbing rig.

6. Vaporizers

Vaporizers always make good gifts. There is any flavor you could want, from almost any strain. They come in hybrid, Sativa, and Indica varieties, as well as cannabidiol, or CBD, and even other cannabinoid isolates. Vaporizers are also diverse. There are desktop ones, portables, rechargeables, disposables, of any type you want. Some are refillable, some are not. Perhaps let your friend choose.

Best Online Weed Dispensary NY

For your Christmas weed shopping, only New York’s finest dispensary will do. With a large menu to choose from, Granny Za’s caters to all. Little blowtorches make good gifts too, for those with a hearty weed appetite. Edibles, oils, tinctures, ointments, there is cannabis for every taste and preference. Even your granny will want what Granny Za has, and we deliver it right to her door.

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