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What Makes Good Weed?

With several Washington D.C. marijuana dispensaries open for business, it is important to know what makes good weed. Not all weed is equal. Some buds are premium-, even medical-grade, while other buds are dirty, seeded, and worse for you than good. Many factors deserve consideration when choosing cannabis, but just what is it that makes some weed fine and others not?

Is it tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC? Is it cannabidiol, or CBD? Is it smell? Flavor? Color? Something else? Before searching “weed deliveries near me” in Google, know why you are using it. What one person might consider important in bud holds little value for another. Your reason for using weed is the deciding factor. Medical users have different needs to recreational ones, for example.

So then, just what makes good weed?

Tetrahydrocannabinol – The Heart of What Makes Good Weed

THC levels will determine potency of buds, which is what most people think of when they look for good weed. Since THC is the cannabinoid with psychoactive effects, the more THC in a product, the more stoned you will get. For those using recreationally, potency is often the most important priority. However, THC is not the only compound that triggers physical effects. While terpenes are not psychoactive, some do affect body and mind. What is more, some compounds boost the “high,” whereas others suppress it.


CBD is very relaxing. The opposite of THC. In fact, studies show CBD able to counteract the effects of too much THC. This makes it useful when you feel too stoned. It can help sober you up. Most importantly, CBD is medicinal. Those using weed therapeutically want high levels of CBD specifically. It is also a sleepy compound, capable of treating insomnia and other sleep disorders effectively. If you are rather wanting the benefits of weed without the “high,” then CBD becomes priority.

Other Cannabinoids

Many other cannabinoids exist in weed too, not just THC and CBD. They are all worthy of thought. In fact, these compounds are increasingly essential as a deciding factor for the quality of weed. The bigger a strain’s cannabinoid profile, the more its effects, both therapeutic and recreational. All cannabinoids have healing properties. What is more, they work together, influencing each other. For this reason, whole plant effects are much better than isolating cannabinoids.


As studies reveal more uses for cannabis, the role of terpenes is becoming increasingly important. These crucial compounds have their own unique effects, both physical and mental. Even if they are not psychoactive, you can still feel them. This makes them a useful tool for treating disease, as well as for enjoying an evening. The more terpenes, the better the weed. Look for products with a large terpene profile. They are often easy to recognize, since you can smell them.

Smell and Taste

You want your weed to taste good. You want to smell its quality. You want it strong, permeating the house. You can smell good weed. Taste it. As Chemical & Engineering News explains, terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavor of buds. The more there are, the more pungent the bud. You want to avoid weed if you cannot smell it. The less flavor it has, the fewer compounds it contains. Some buds taste like pure fruit, like soda, like nectar of the Gods. Other buds taste like dirty floor.


Genetics makes the bud. Of course, many factors influence final quality, but good genetics is key. You get different types of weed, different colors, different phenotypes. There are Indicas and Sativas, both pure and hybrid. There are Ruderalis strains. There are autoflowering varieties. Genetics is pivotal when it comes to good weed. Breeders take care to breed for the best traits. As such, they have the best effects. Bad weed feels bad. Makes you flat. It just does not have the genes.


Of course, quality weed has few to no seeds. Seedy weed is dirty. It is also wasted. You are not buying seeds; you are buying buds. If buds are heavy with seed, then quality is very poor. It is important to remove males from females before pollination. If pollen meets, females put their energy toward making seeds. If not, they continue to create trichomes, the sticky resin that contains the compounds we want. Plants making seeds are not making cannabinoids, terpenes, or much else.

Growing Conditions

It is imperative that weed grows in ideal conditions. The right nutrients, sufficient water and air, good soil, these are all crucial to growing healthy plants rich in compounds. You do not want moldy buds. You do not want pesticides and other chemicals. You do not want bugs. Regulations exist to control these factors. Environmental control is paramount for quality weed. So is love and care. Growers who nurture their buds, who tend to them carefully, grow the best ones.

Find Good Weed at Your Washington D.C. Marijuana Dispensary

The easiest way to buy quality is to go where it is. Legal dispensaries must comply with quality and safety regulations to ensure you get fine weed. Search “marijuana deliveries near me” to find those nearby. Remember to check legitimacy before buying. Not all operate legally. Some are outright scams. Only licensed stores are accountable for the products that they sell. Your local dealer offers no recourse for action should you get bad weed. No refund. Just bad stuff.

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